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Social Overview

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The AccelByte Foundations’ Social services give you the tools to help your players connect and build community within your game. Features like Chat and Friends enable players to forge social connections that not only make your game more meaningful, but more fun.

The AccelByte Social services offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Real time notifications We use WebSocket to ensure that communication between the game and the player or between multiple players is smooth and immediate. Our services are designed to keep all players connected to the same hub, making social connection easy.

  • More fun playing together Features like Party, Friends, and Groups bring multiplayer games to life. We offer a robust set of services that make it easy for your players to connect and play together.

  • Keep players safe from harassment Players can block other players, and these blocks are respected by our Social and Play services. This ensures that players can focus on enjoying your game, without having to worry about being pestered by other players.

Table of Contents

GroupsStart here to learn how to integrate the Groups service into your game and manage groups from the Admin Portal. Groups are also known as Clans and give your players a way to associate and interact with other players.
FriendsHere you can learn how to integrate our Friends service into your game, so that your players can add each other as friends in your game.
PresenceHere you can learn how to integrate our Presence service, which is used to show players whether other players are online or offline.
PartyHere you can learn how to integrate our Party service into your game. Parties allow your players to form temporary alliances to play together in multiplayer games.
ChatHere you can learn how to implement chat in your game. Global chat, party chat, group chat, and private chat are supported.
NotificationsHere you can learn how to implement notifications in your game and manage them from the Admin Portal. Notifications can be synchronous or asynchronous, freeform or templated.