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Monetization Overview

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AccelByte Foundations’ Monetization services allow you manage your online and in-game stores, through which players can order and purchase in-game items, virtual currency, and other types of assets. Foundations’ Monetization services let you create stores and items, as well as manage orders, fulfillments, entitlements, and in-app purchases.

AccelByte Foundations’ Monetization services offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Bring your game to a global audience We support region specific catalogs, pricing, and discounts so you can tailor your pricing and product offerings to different regions, which helps you reach new audiences and find new fans.

  • Engage your players You can easily create redemption codes for your game campaigns. Codes can be created in our Admin Portal or uploaded as a CSV file, and you can choose how many times a code can be redeemed/how many times players can redeem various codes within your games.

Table of Contents

CurrencyLearn how to create currencies that can be used in transactions in your game or on your website. You can create both real and virtual currencies.
WalletLearn how to manage players’ wallets. Wallets are containers that hold virtual currency that can be used to make in-game purchases.
E-CommerceLearn how to create items for sale, sort your items into categories, and publish items in in-game or online stores.
OrdersLearn how to manage player orders.
PaymentComing soon to AccelByte Foundations! Learn how to integrate and configure payment aggregators and methods to support paid transactions in your game or on your website.
FulfillmentLearn how to integrate fulfillments of orders.
EntitlementsLearn how to manage player entitlements to items.
In-App Purchase IntegrationLearn how to integrate in-app purchases with platforms such as Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
SubscriptionsComing soon to AccelByte Foundations! Learn how to create subscriptions, which allow players to make regular payments for ongoing access to content.
Code RedemptionLearn how to create and manage code redemption campaigns which allow you to create and distribute promotional codes to players.