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Engagement Overview

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AccelByte Foundations’ Engagement service gives you a variety of features to keep players coming back to your game and brand. The Achievements service helps drive players’ motivation to do more in your game, thus resulting in better retention. Meanwhile, our Leaderboard service gives players recognition for their skills.

You can gift top players with items or other perks using our Rewards service, and keep players’ interest with the Season Pass style timed events, while also monetizing by offering premium passes that grant access to exclusive rewards. And our User Generated Content gives you the ability to highlight your players’ creativity by letting them design and upload custom skins for items that other players can use.

AccelByte Foundations’ Engagement service offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Challenge players to bring their best Giving players goals drives deeper engagement with your game. When players want to chase that coveted achievement or top leaderboard position, they’ll play more and associate more deeply with your game, and when you reward players for skillful play and loyalty, you turn those players into dedicated fans.
  • Keep your game fresh and fun Season pass events give your players new challenges and also help you monetize. You can sell premium passes that grant access to more exclusive rewards, or even allow players to purchase access to higher tiers.
  • Turn your players into creators User generated content lets players unleash their creativity and enrich your game with their custom designed item skins, which can be downloaded and used by other players. Giving your players a more creative role in your game will not only inspire them, it will make them more loyal to your brand.

Table of Contents

AchievementsLearn how to grant players achievements for the milestones they reach in your game.
LeaderboardsLearn how to keep track of players’ scores and rankings in your game. Different types of leaderboards are supported.
RewardsLearn how to boost player retention and brand loyalty by recognizing your players’ achievements with rewards.
Season PassLearn how to create a tiered reward structure that grants special rewards to players that participate in limited-time challenges.
User-generated ContentUser-generated Content lets you manage in-game content that has been created by your players.